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How to use my images on your website for FREE.

February 20th, 2016

Did you know it is possible to use my photographs to illustrate your web pages or blog at no charge? There is a catch, but it's an easy one. Basically, you'll be providing me with free advertising in exchange for free use of the photograph. Sound fair? Then just follow these instructions.

1. Navigate through my image galleries or use the search function until you find what you're looking for. Click the thumbnail to bring up the full image page.

2. On the right side of the page, below the merchandise information, you'll find the image title, description, and other information. Scroll down to the section labeled EMBED.

3. Click on the code and copy it to your clipboard using the CTRL+C keyboard command.

4. Paste the code into your web page or blog. That's it! It will look like the example below. When your visitors click on the image they'll be taken to my gallery.

If you'd like the image to be a larger size, or if you'd like the link to open in a new window to keep your readers engaged with your own site, read on.

Art Prints

To enlarge the image you will need to make a small modification to the code.

5. Find the width and height in the code. It will look like this &width=250&height=187' The numbers represent the width and height of the image in pixels.

6. Increase the numbers as desired but be sure to multiply both numbers by the same amount (i.e. 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, etc). So in the example if we multiply times 2 the new width and height will look like this: &width=500&height=374'. Note: If you multiply by more than 3 (i.e. 750 pixels wide) the image will become distorted.

Be careful not to alter or delete any other part of the code, like the apostrophe after the height, or the image will not display properly.

To open the link in a new browser window another modification is required.

7. Near the middle of the code just before the first closing bracket > find where it says image-title-james-b-toy.html' (Note: the "image title" will be different for each photo.)

8. Insert a space after the html' and then add target="_blank" The result should look like this image-title-james-b-toy.html' target="_blank" The closing bracket > should follow immediately after that.

Here's the same image enlarged to 500x374 with the target attribute added to open the link in a new window.

Art Prints

Here's an example of how I use these image links to illustrate my own web pages: How a Monterey hotel saved the Carmel Mission.

Finally, just so you know, the "Fine Art America" watermark will appear on all free images to discourage unauthorized uses. If you prefer you may purchase a license to download and publish unwatermarked versions. Most of my images are available as Royalty Free licenses so you can use them in many different ways, subject to a few minor restrictions, with no time limit. Multiple sizes (images of higher and lower resolution) are available for most of my images to suit a variety of needs and budgets. See licensing.pixels.com for details.